Posted by: lensweb | October 11, 2011

Amphibians and Reptiles Talk

As part of our indoor meeting programme, LENS members and guests were treated last night to an informative and entertaining talk on amphibians and reptiles by Chris Monk, a Derbyshire County recorder.

The main focus of the talk was Chris’ work with recording and protecting the British adder (Vipera berus) in Derbyshire, but other topics included the issues surrounding toad crossing patrols and the restoration and maintenance of dew ponds and their role as important wildlife habitats.

Following the talk, LENS member Tony Maggs sent me a link to a video showing Chris in search of adders in the Peak District, with BBC’s East Midlands Today presenter Sally Pepper. Peak District search for adders.

Chris is also secretary of the Derbyshire Amphibian and Reptile Group.

Vipera berus image

Vipera berus - photo © Marek Szczepanek


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