Posted by: lensweb | November 9, 2011

Trees – Local Notables

Marion Bryce has just published a series of notable trees photographs from our local area. The collection currently comprises of the following;

Local notable trees image

  • Veteran Oak – Hopwell
  • Hornbeam – Risley Glebe
  • Lightening tree (pendunculate oak) – Dale Abbey
  • Black Poplars – Norfolk Road Green Space, Long Eaton
  • Black Poplar – Poplar Road, Breaston
  • Black Italian Poplar – Forbes Hole NR, Long Eaton

I am constantly inspired by the diversity and beauty which trees add to our environment, with even the dead and decaying providing important natural habitats for other living things.

Further reading;

Trees, wood and people – an article by Brian Clifford

The Tree Council

The Woodland Trust • Ancient Tree Forum • Ancient Tree Hunt

West Park Tree TrailVictoria Park Tree Trail • Trent College Arboretum


  1. Hi I was able to check out the black poplars at Breaston using the TPO database from the LENS Tool Box section in the right panel. The 6 old trees do have a TPO. Good news.

    Thank you



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