Posted by: lensweb | November 14, 2011

Help the Hedgehog

The European hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus is becoming a rarity in the UK, with their numbers declining by a quarter over the last decade. The species could definitely do with a helping hand from us humans. My only local sighting this year was in May – sadly a deceased juvenile found at the Dig In Community Allotment in Stapleford.

Hedgehog Street are asking people to become Hedgehog Champions to rally support from their neighbours and work together to create ideal hedgehog habitat throughout their street, estate or communal grounds.

Via. the Hedgehog Street website you can sign up to receive a pack which will help you get started. The pack contains hedgehog factsheets which can be handed out to neighbours, posters to help advertise the project, tips and hints on how to get neighbours involved and how to keep them interested and a pack of action cards which explain what people can do in their gardens.

LENS would also be very interested to hear of  hedgehog (or any other species) sightings in the Long Eaton/ Erewash and surrounding local areas. A recording sheet is available in our Forms section.

Further Reading

The state of Britain’s hedgehogs 2011 – a pdf document by David Wembridge

British Hedgehog Preservation Society


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