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Dave Wood’s Forest Perambulations

Dave Wood perambulationsAn interesting article from the Woodland Trust;

After five months and a lot of shoe leather, Nottinghamshire-based artist and storyteller Dave Wood has completed his ‘perambulation’ around the original boundary of Sherwood Forest.

A ‘perambulation’ means ”a walk around a territory (a parish or manor or forest etc.) in order to officially assert and record its boundaries”.  Every three years in ye olde days right across the country, perambulations by keepers of the forest were about checking for deforestation, damage and poachers and the findings were reported back to the King.  A chance view of some ancient maps showing the original forest boundary for Sherwood Forest motivated Dave to re-create this event, but in his own creative style and for a 21st Century audience.

Read the full article: Walking with Trees – the end

See also Creative Perambulations: Marking the boundaries of Sherwood Forest and this press article.

On 22nd December 2011, there’ll be the third tree planting of Dave Wood’s Creative Perambulations of Sherwood Forest at 2pm at the Ilkeston Road Recreation Ground, Stapleford.  The sapling has been grown from an acorn from the Major Oak.  The Sherwood Pines Partnership Tree Nursery, which grows the trees, enables adults with learning needs gain valuable work experience, increase their confidence and self esteem and help them live a more independent and fulfilling life. These wonderful service users and staff also grow on acorns from ancient Sherwood oak trees, including the amazing Major Oak (the symbol of Nottinghamshire), plus other trees that are then helping to create more woodland habitat throughout Sherwood Forest. 

There is currently a consultation document online  in which the public is invited to respond to potential cutbacks to the Supported Employment Programme (closing of the nursery is one of the elements highlighted).  Dave would also be keen to hear your views; enabling him to include it in his final creative portfolio.

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