Posted by: lensweb | March 13, 2012

Wild Flowers of Derbyshire Talk

On Monday 12th March, Kieron Huston, Senior Wildlife Sites Officer for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust gave a talk to LENS on the topic of rare and unusual plants found in Derbyshire.  The reference source for the list of plants is the Red Data List of Derbyshire’s Vascular Plants which was compiled by Nick Moyes and Alan Wilmot.  Colourful slides illustrated the plants together with mapped sites.

The huge task of monitoring and protecting the sites was outlined with illustrated examples of key species such as burnt orchid, field gentian and globe flower.  The stronghold sites for many unusual plants were in the white peak of Derbyshire but a considerable number of key sites are along the Trent Valley.  Rare species found in the Long Eaton area include brown sedge, field garlic, spiny restharrow, pepper saxifrage and marsh arrowgrass.  It was hoped that local groups would continue to record and monitor rare plants and send records to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

80-90% of semi natural grassland has been lost since 1980 due to agricultural modernisation, urbanisation, lack of management and pollution. To try and deliver a biodiversity living landscape from the small scattered wildlife sites that remain was the task of the Wildlife Trust in liaison with public and private landowners.



  1. Sounds very interesting – I think he should do a talk near here!


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