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Forestry Report – Tell Owen

The recent news about ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea) adds extra emphasis to how important it is that the Government takes on board the recommendations in the Forests Report.

In a Ministerial Statement made last Friday about the ash crisis, the Right Honourable Owen Paterson MP, Secretary of State for the Environment, Framing and Rural Affairs said:

“I am prepared to consider radical proposals to protect the woodland environment.”

Accepting the Forests Report as a whole is widely seen as the first achievable move towards a radical step change in the Government’s consideration of all forestry issues. With regards to disease, the Report specifically calls for “additional investment in research on tree and woodland diseases, resilience and biosecurity controls” so as “to see our wooded landscapes, in both rural and urban settings, being better protected from, and more resilient to future risks such as climate change, pests and diseases”. As a whole, the 31 recommendations offer a sound framework for an holistic approach to positive change for England’s forests. You can Tell Owen to accept the Forests Report via the Woodland Trust’s website.

Defra started ‘conversations’ to engage the public in shaping the official response to the Forests Report by the Secretary of State, on target to be published in January.

Your ‘Tell Owen‘ email will go directly to Defra’s Forestry Team which is preparing the response – if you haven’t already taken part or you know someone who would like to… there are only ten days left before this opportunity ends.

Further Reading;

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