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Holes for Hedgehogs

There was great excitement at Marlborough Road, Long Eaton, when 5 year old Henry spotted a hedgehog curled up under the car wheel.

car IMG_3031

Wondrously it came to life, rippling waves running down the speckled buff spines as incongruously small black feet paddled down the gutter. Faced with a camera it about turned and ran straight across the road and up onto the pavement for sanctuary. It knew exactly where it was going, down a dark passage alongside the house opposite, a seeming dead end, it squeezed through a hole in the side gate and was gone. Although I’ve lived in the street for many years, I hadn’t noticed that hole.


It was timely that this year Hedgehog Street started a project ‘Make holes for hedgehogs’. Hedgehog Street is a campaign aimed at ensuring the hedgehog, the UK’s only spiny mammal, remains a common and familiar part of British life. I mapped our hedgehog’s hole even though I hadn’t made it.

Research by various organisations has shown our hedgehogs are in trouble. We’ve lost a third of all our hedgehogs in ten years.

Fortunately, hedgehogs love gardens, and there are around half a million hectares of garden in the UK. Hedgehogs need to travel through entire neighbourhoods if they are to survive. They have to roam through several kilometres in a night, to find enough food, safe nesting sites and a potential mate. The more easily they can get through our gardens the better chance they have for a future.  Hedgehogs need access to lots and lots of different gardens to survive, so the campaign is as much about getting people to cooperate as it is about gardening for wildlife.

There are over thirty thousand Hedgehog Champions registered with Hedgehog Street, forming a vibrant and enthusiastic community, and leading to local action for hedgehogs around the country

Here a few LENS hedgehog statistics

Local sightings

  No %Dead %Alive Earliest Latest
2007 1 0 100 01-Nov
2008 10 50 50 26-Apr 18-Aug
2009 16 56 44 17-Mar 20-Oct
2010 4 75 25 16-May 23-Oct
2011 14 79 21 21-Jan 24-Nov
2012 19 53 47 04-Apr 15-Sep
2013 5 40 60 01-Jul 13-Sep
2014 15 67 33 10-Feb 07-Aug
Total 84 60 40

Marion Bryce 14/08/14


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