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meLENS Wildlife Group have been awarded a  Nestle Get Better With Nature Community Fund 2016 grant of £1000 towards work at Forbes Hole Local Nature Reserve

The aim is to increase accessibility for the disabled and to repair/replace
stiles and fencing. The work has to be documented and completed within 3 months ie by the end of 

LENS Wildlife Group will work with EBC Operations in the area of the car park and 
the ride
  • Pay for wood to repair the oak fencing
  • Buy crushed stone to improve the path for wheelchairs
  • Where necessary and if the money is available, replace stiles so disabled people can gain more easily gain access or view wildlife
  • Replace the top of the bench in the ride
  • Buy bump strips to stop cars knocking the fence
 The EBC Operations Manager Richard Ashley will ask Operations Personnel Mick 
 and Jim to
  • Dig out Japanese knotweed in the car park, burn the roots and glyphosate any that emerges next year
  • Clear all vegetation from the car park
  • Clear all vegetation within 2m of the fence to enable repairs
  • Repair the fence
  • Improve the stiles for disabled access
  • Lay crushed stone to make a path to the viewing point and the bench
It was agreed that
  • a 2hr parking limit should be in place at EBC nature reserves as it is difficult to park
  • Car parking spaces delineated might stop cars from knocking the fence
  • At least one space should be marked for disabled parking, close to the entrance
  • The feeder stream must be restored and surface water drainage returned to Forbes Hole which will act as a sink to prevent flooding
  • LENS should be kept informed of operations and club members invited to assist in work operations as appropriate
     Richard  will get a quote to
  • retarmac the car park
  • replace the steps
    to try for further funding
Marion Bryce Hon Sec LENS Wildlife Group 20 October 2016


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